A Hope and a Future: Short Amish Romance Story (Love in Lancaster County Book 3)

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An Amish Sweet Christian Romance suitable for all ages.
Emma Caruthers is on the run. She has been living with her aunt and uncle for nearly a year since her parents died and things have gone from bad to worse.

She didn’t know where to run to until she finally opened the box her mother left for her. Inside, she discovered details about her heritage and plans her escape. She plans to run away to Lancaster County, home of her grandparents.

When she arrives, she’s overwhelmed by the love and peace of the Amish. Struggling to find a place to belong, Emma conceals certain facts from her grandparents, but soaks up the love and acceptance they so freely offer.

Isaac Troyer moves from the small town of Shipshewana, Indiana, looking for excitement and possibly a bride in Lancaster. When he meets Emma, he is drawn to her, but knows that he can’t entertain the idea of being linked to an Englischer, so instead, he seeks to be her friend and help her find peace.

Emma can’t reconcile herself to the fact that a good and loving God would allow her parents to be taken from her and then let her be subjected to abuse from a violent uncle. She fights the idea that God’s ways will lead her to peace.

When Isaac finds out Emma’s secret, will he expose her to the community that she’s become so enamored with, or will he help her find a solution to her problems? Can he be her friend and help her become the woman that God intends for her to be?

Meet some old friends and discover the joy and forgiveness that God bestows on the undeserving.

A story of hope, love, forgiveness and understanding.

The ‘Love in Lancaster County’ series is set in south central Pennsylvania, sometimes nicknamed the Garden Spot of America or Pennsylvania Dutch Country where the Amish lead a simple life of peace and faith.

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