Amish Autumn Love: Short Amish Romance Inspirational Story (Love in Sugar Creek Book 4)

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An Amish Sweet Christian Romance suitable for all ages.
With all of her children married and thriving, Hannah Smucker is very content with her life. She has raised them well and now can enjoy the rewards of having done so. With all the children and their spouses under her roof, along with a grandchild, Hannah feels she is blessed indeed. However, uncertainty about her future begins to materialize.

First, her long-time neighbor and friend Abraham Graber seems to want to change the nature of their relationship. Or does he? She doesn’t know what to think when his behavior seems warmer and more tender than before. Of course, they are now related in a manner through their children, but there is something more in his gestures and words…she thinks. She would hate to make a fool of herself in front of him and her community. Although pride is a sin, she doesn’t want to be humiliated.

Then comes some hard news both in terms of her family and her business. Hannah struggles to hold onto her faith, the B&B, and her family as they all seem to be drifting away.

Will Abraham be the one to help her through this hard time, or does she simply need more faith? Should she let go of everything and just trust God, or does she have to work harder to find out His will for her life?

Join the Smucker family one more time in this final book to find out what lies in store.

The ‘Love in Sugar Creek’ series is set in Sugar Creek Ohio, also known as “The Little Switzerland of Ohio” where the Amish lead a simple life of peace and faith.

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