Amish Revival: Short Amish Romance Inspirational Story (Return to Hart County Book 2)

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An Amish Sweet Christian Romance suitable for all ages.
Abigail Cooper is on her way home to Hart County, the place she never thought she’d step foot in again. Now, widowed and alone, she humbly comes back to live with her parents, but everything has changed in the five years that she’s been away.

Her heart is heavy with the loss that she suffered, not only of her Englischer husband, but also their little girl. She believes that God is punishing her for leaving her community, and now she is destined to live like an old maid, sad and alone.

However, an urgent need in the community forces her to come back to life. Two small children are in need of care as their father, Simon Kaufmann, abandoned by his wife, must spend his days working in the field.

As the twin boys, Josiah and Joseph work their way into Abby’s heart, she begins to reconsider her position. Perhaps she and Simon can make some kind of lives for themselves, even if it’s only for the sake of the precious boys.

However, Simon doesn’t quite take to her plan as she’d hoped. He has different ideas, and works to persuade Abby that God has not abandoned them, but rather has a good plan for them, and a bright future in storeā€¦if only they’ll let go of their past hurt and give life and love a second chance.

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