Amish Romance

Cherishing Becky’s Heart: Short Amish Romance Story (Walnut Creek Series Book 3)

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A Short Amish Romance Story

Micah and Becky are finally courting. Happily ever after now seems a reality for both of them as they sneak around in typical Amish-style courtship.
However, Becky’s past wounds won’t leave her heart alone. She doubts herself and tries to become the woman she thinks he deserves.
Micah is blissfully unaware of Becky’s struggles. He knows only that he finally has the woman of his dreams.
But someone in Walnut Creek is not happy for the new couple and wants to destroy all that they have built. Will the two of them be able to get past Becky’s insecurities and Micah’s carelessness? Can they leave their past behind and build the future they both dream of?